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Statistics show that VPNs are one of the most popular internet security tools, with more than 400 million people around the world using VPN servers for various purposes.

There are a variety of expensive VPNs available and all of them have great features, but they are also a bit overpriced. iTop VPN is by far the most efficient service that offers all features collectively in a single place. Here’s a detailed review of what you can expect.

iTop VPN – Quick Overview

iTop is indeed the most versatile VPN service as it efficiently covers all-important corners including fast internet browsing, streaming, and gaming. With over 1800+ servers in 100+ locations, iTop VPN is far ahead of other services that are only limited to a few hundred servers.

Moreover, PUBG gaming is another main highlight of this VPN as it provides versatile locations for players to play on different servers throughout the globe without any ping issues or lag. You can use this budget VPN on your 5 devices at a time and last but not least, it also has a free version available.

Key Features

  • Kill Switch
  • Fast Streaming
  • Split Tunneling
  • Browser Privacy
  • Optimized for PUBG
  • On-Screen Internet Speed Bar
  • 1800+ Server Locations
  • 100+ Countries
  • Uninterrupted Access
  • Unlimited Premium Usage
  • Interactive Interface

No-Log Policy – Stay Anonymous

No-log has become a new standard for every premium VPN because it relates to the privacy of the user. Fortunately, iTop has its no-log policy in place to keep its users secure. To provide anonymity and privacy, a VPN service should have a “no-log policy” enforced.

iTop VPN pivots all your data traffic through a server before it reaches the destination. This means that if any data is logged, it's not linked back to you. Another feature of the iTop VPN service is the ability to find servers by country or region. You can choose where you want to access content from, rather than being dictated by your current location.

iTop VPN

iTop Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is an important part of many VPN setups. With Split Tunneling in iTop VPN, you can choose to route some traffic through your VPN while other traffic goes straight through your ISP. For instance, you might want to have all your email-related traffic go through your VPN while all other traffic goes through your ISP. Split tunneling is also sometimes known as “split routing”.

One caveat of split tunneling is that it only works on Windows machines. With iTop VPN software, you can have all your traffic routed through the VPN except for one specific application of your choice.

Excellent Private Browsing

Once installed, iTop app will protect all web traffic on your device, ensuring complete private browsing through a secure VPN connection. With this in place, you can avoid ISP throttling when watching videos online or downloading content.

It's also perfect for avoiding strict website restrictions in countries with censorship laws. The integrated firewall will prevent any data leaks through your ISP connection while protecting all data transmitted through open wireless networks.

You don't even need to configure the VPN settings on all of your devices to enjoy the privacy advantages of a VPN connection. Just install iTop client software on the device you want to use, and all network traffic will be properly encrypted, even if your web browser doesn't have a VPN profile or extension installed.

Hover Features
On-Screen Speed Feature

Performance – 9.4/10

On the performance side of things, iTop VPN is one of the fastest VPN connections I have tried. It's also very responsive and easy to use, which are both huge pluses. The app has a free trial that makes it easy to test out its full range of features without getting stuck with a product that doesn't work for you.

It's also worth noting that the privacy policy here is very strong, so there are no concerns about your data being sold to a third party. Another highlighted feature of iTop is PUBG gaming, you can install iTop on your mobile device to connect to your favorite server in PUBG to enjoy lag-free gaming.

iTop Locations

The only downside I see is that there are limited server locations in the free version, however, you always have the option to upgrade to premium with over 1800+ locations unlocked.

Overall, iTop is a great VPN option for Windows users who need a reliable and fast solution they can trust to protect their browsing habits.


iTop has three different exclusive offers on its VPN application. They have a monthly, yearly, and 6-month offer that is extremely justified if we compare it with other VPNs concerning all its features.

The monthly price stands at $11.99, which might seem a little expensive, but you can get a better deal on its other bundles that are much recommended to regular users.

The 6-month package is much cheaper as it is priced at $6.99/month. The plan includes all the standard features that you get in the basic package.

The yearly plan is unmatchable as the price is brought down to just $2.31/month, which is just a bargain, considering all premium features as well as an interactive application interface that anyone can easily use.


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