Wachee VPN Review 2024


Netflix and Hulu are two of the most popular streaming services available. If you're a constant user of these sites, you'll know that they have content licensing agreements with certain regions. This means that if you live outside those regions, there's a chance that your access to this content will be blocked.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is one way to get around this restriction by using a third-party server as a middleman to enable you to log into the site as though you were in the US or Canada where Netflix and Hulu's respective licenses exist.

There are many VPNs focused on Netflix out there, but only one stands out from the rest: Wachee VPN! They offer a free trial on their VPN extension and their prices are among the lowest on the market.


Wachee VPN is specifically made for streaming services such as Hulu to help you browse your favorite shows without interruption. It lets you bypass all of the issues with setting up your VPN, plus it protects your privacy via its no-logging policy. You can also add it on most devices as it provides extensions for browsers such as Chrome. So if you use the same VPN account on multiple devices, this will help to keep things organized.

Key Features

  • Smart Routing
  • Single-click Usage
  • Extension VPN Service
  • Torrenting-support
  • No-log Policy
  • Uninterrupted Streaming
  • Fast Connections
  • Reliable Service

Wachee Server Locations

If you use Netflix or Hulu, you're probably not looking for a service that has servers located in your country. These services will usually block you from streaming the content available to other countries even if it would normally be accessible to yours. With Wachee VPN, however, this is never an issue! They offer all of their VPN servers which are located in over 30 countries. This means that you can count on being able to access any content available in those locations!


Unlimited Bandwidth

As far as features go, Wachee doesn't offer much beyond the basics. You'll be provided with unlimited bandwidth and server switches, but there are no additional features such as a kill switch or DNS leak protection. However, you do get access to their network of servers and they're constantly adding new ones!

Easy Setup

Smart Routing

One of the standout features of Wachee VPN is its Smart Routing. This feature, unlike the default option for most VPNs which are either Automatic or Manual, allows you to have more control over your internet connection.

It has different settings that range from “Bridge” to “Reconnect.” The options are pretty self-explanatory – Bridge routing will take the original network packets and redirect them through the VPN tunnel, and Reconnect moves you back to your original network when disconnected. With Smart Routing, Wachee reconnects and switches to the nearest and fastest servers immediately.

Wachee VPN Price Review

Wachee provides very cheap prices for their services, but they may not be the cheapest around. They do offer promotions to reduce these costs, however! First of all, you can check out their free trial which will give you access to their services for 7 days.


Their premium plans have a special offer at only $2.99 per month. Additionally, they have a referral system where if a friend signs up for Wachee using your link you will both be given an additional month of service which is added to your account and theirs!


As far as VPNs go, Wachee stands out from the rest because of its cheap prices and well-distributed server locations. If you're looking for a VPN to unblock Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services, this is one of the best out there!


Per-Erik Eriksson
Editor in Chief

Per-Erik is a cybersecurity expert and author/researcher on Vpnetic.

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