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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

iProVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider. Since its foundation in 2020, it has established itself as a solid provider with excellent safety features and good unblocking ability.

iProVPN has 150+ servers in 20+ countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, the USA, and the UK.

The provider allows ten simultaneous connections on one subscription. The service is available on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.

iProVPN Review


As far as safety is concerned, iProVPN boasts many features typical of the premium providers: the most sophisticated encryption (AES-256) and protocols (Open VPN, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP), a kill switch, split tunneling, and complete leak protection. It also has unlimited bandwidth, so you do not have to worry about any data limits.

In addition to this, iProVPN has malware protection, so its servers detect malicious content and prevent you from downloading it. Another handy feature is iPro’s ad-blocker, which successfully blocks all ads and makes websites faster.

iProVPN is torrenting and streaming-friendly and can bypass geographical restrictions on many popular services: Netflix, HBO Max, HBO Now, Hulu, Comedy Central, AE TV, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Advantages of iProVPN

Jurisdiction and Privacy

iProVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. This is a very good location for a VPN because the country is not in the Five, Nine, and Fourteen-Eyes alliances, so it is not obliged to share any information with other governments. In addition to this, the provider has a strict privacy policy. British Virgin Islands court reviews all external government requests for information. Since iProVPN does not log any personally identifiable activity, there is no information worth turning over. 

Good Value for Money

Although it is not as strong a performer as some of its competitors, iProVPN has a good safety arsenal and is equipped to do its job well. In addition to its encryption, leak protection, split tunneling, and protection from ads and malware, iProVPN allows you to switch servers whenever you want. It has Smart Connect, which lets you connect to the best servers near you. All this comes at a very reasonable price. iProVPN’s 2+1 year plan currently costs $1.3/month, and its 1-month plan $10/month. For both packages, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The provider also offers a 7-day trial plan for only $0.99 a month, which continues as a one-year plan after the test period.

Torrenting and Streaming

iProVPN is P2P-friendly and allows torrenting on all of its servers. It works well with different torrenting apps such as qBittorrent and uTorrent and its speeds are solid. It is also good for streaming and can access many popular services as well as some of the less known ones such as Hotstar and Peacock.

Disadvantages of iProVPN

No Special Features

While iProVPN truly does offer good value for money, the lack of special features makes it a less likely choice for users who require added protection (journalists and activists, for example). iProVPN does not have double VPN, perfect forward secrecy, or RAM-only servers.

In Conclusion

iProVPN is a solid VPN and you should consider purchasing it if what you need is basic online protection. It will do a good job keeping your identity and traffic content safe and private.


Does a VPN slow down the internet connection?

Yes, it does. However, with a good VPN, this should not be noticeable. In some cases, however, a VPN can improve the internet speed, especially in the case of ISP (Internet Service Provider) throttling.

How can I contact iProVPN customer service?

You can contact customer service 24/7 through live chat, or via the following e-mail address:  [email protected] 
You can also try to find answers to some of your queries in the ‘Support’ section of the website.

Which devices can iProVPN be used on?

iProVPN app is available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, routers, Fire TV Stick, and Chromebook. There are browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. iProVPN can be used on smart TVs, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, and Google Chromecast. Finally, you can use it on game consoles, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Swift.


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