What is a B2B VPN?

Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

B2B VPN stands for Business-to-Business Virtual Private Network. It is a virtual private network used between companies to conduct their online business.

While an ordinary business VNP provides a safe connection within one company to communicate with their remote workers or branch offices, B2B VPNs are mainly used for business transactions and communication between two companies.

Normal VPN vs. B2B VPN

Most of the everyday VPNs available on the market are intended for individual users, many of whom require a private network for leisure activities, one of which is the ability to access content in different countries. On the other hand, B2B VNPs cater to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses, which require a higher degree of security and privacy. A B2B VPN allows for secure data transfer between two geographically separate networks. 

How B2B VNPs Work

The secure connection between two entities is achieved through B2B VPN tunnels. The tunnels are encrypted links between a device and an outside network. 

B2B VNP tunnels often use IPsec protocols (Internet Protocol Security) to establish and maintain a safe connection. Both sides must agree on security settings to establish the tunnel. 

Why Use a B2B VPN

In addition to providing a safe work environment, the ability to communicate in private, and zero threat of data theft, a trustworthy B2B VPN also provides a clean, dedicated IP address.

One of the main advantages of a clean IP address is that it scores lower on the IPQS’s fraud score. To assess a company, IPQS (IP Quality Score) conducts risk analysis and fraud prevention utilizing a scale. This 0 to 99 scale puts companies into five categories based on the level of the potential risk they pose – 0 being the lowest and 99 being the highest level of risk. Therefore, a B2B VPN will help you achieve a lower score and avoid being perceived as spammy and possibly ending up blacklisted.

Final Thoughts

The way we conduct business nowadays is changing, and the ability to communicate freely and instantly across distances is a prerequisite for success. On the other hand, the Internet is becoming an increasingly unsafe place where confidential information is frequently stolen and exploited. 

The market is throttled by an array of unimaginative and repetitive products and services, and the need for fresh ideas is vital. So why risk losing leverage by being robbed of them?

A reliable B2B VPN is the foolproof answer to these – the biggest challenges in business today. A B2B VPN will help your organization thrive without the constant fear of unwanted and unchecked intrusion of attackers. 

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