8 Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2023

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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

Bollywood is the largest Hindi film industry that releases more than a thousand movies annually.

Going to movie theaters to watch the movies, however, has become much less popular in recent years. Instead, viewers can now watch anything they want from the comfort of their homes simply by going online.

There are a lot of Bollywood movies on the Internet that can be watched free of charge. But unfortunately, some of the sites which carry them are geo-restricted. You can take care of this problem by using a good VPN.

Hiding your actual location, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) also protects your identity. In addition, it encrypts your Internet traffic, so others cannot see what you are doing online.

Best VPN for Hindi Movies

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Best Websites for Streaming Hindi Movies in 2023

We bring you a list of 8 great websites for streaming Hindi movies in 2023: 

1. Zee5

The site has plenty of Hindi movies, TV shows, and live TV. Here you can find both timeless classics and contemporary movies. Some are dubbed in other regional languages, while others may have English subtitles. Not all the content can be accessed free of charge, though, so be prepared to do some digging.

2. Voot

Voot is another excellent alternative if you are looking for free Hindi movies. It also contains sports, TV shows, and kids’ programs dubbed in English or regional languages such as Kannad, Telugu, and Bengali. Unfortunately, the site is regionally blocked, so you will need a good VPN to access it.

3. YouTube Channels

In addition to the seemingly endless amount of content, YouTube is the home of several channels that provide Hindi movies free of charge. They include Shemaroo Movies Channel, Goldmines Telefilms Channel, and Rajshri Channel. These have a lot of content, including music, videos, channels, etc.

4. Bigflix

Bigflix allows you to access their library for free, but you cannot view all of the items without a subscription. You can, however, take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee and decide whether you want to purchase it. The premium package gives you access to unlimited content on the Web, iOS, and Android for only $1.99/month.

5. Box TV

BoxTV is also regionally blocked, so you can only access it through a VPN server located in India. It has a great selection of all kinds of movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood. You may come across some ads, but these may be overlooked, considering that you get free movie content in return.

6. Eros Now

Eros Now has the most extensive collection of Bollywood movies. You can search them using the site’s search bar or by clicking on one of the available categories: Movies, TV, Music, Quickie, or Originals. In addition, the ’Stars’ section of the website contains news and videos about famous Indian actors and actresses, producers, singers, hosts, etc.

7. Hungama

Hungama’s colorful home page offers several categories located at the top of the page: Movies, Music, Videos, Podcasts, TV shows, Short Movies, and content for children. Below you can also find different trending content (e.g., Top Movies, Must Watch Movies, Trending Music, etc.).

8. Yup TV

Yup TV has popular Indian movies available in 17 languages, including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. You can watch live TV, catch up on the programs you have missed, movies, news clips, and more. It is available on various devices and operating systems (Android, Samsung TV, XBOX, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), and there is a 14-day free trial.

Best VPNs for Accessing Hindi Movies in 2023

The Internet offers hundreds of different VPNs. Not all are the same, however. The quality of your VPN is paramount – after all, your safety and fun depend on it.

One of the main features that determine the reliability of VNP service is the type of encryption and protocols used. The most advanced VPNs today use AES-256 encryption and IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, or WireGuard protocol.

It is also crucial that your VPN provider has an extensive server network and a strict no-logging policy. It guarantees that the provider does not collect data about your online activity.

It is also advisable to choose a VPN with a kill switch. This helpful feature cuts your device’s Internet connection if you lose your VPN connection, ensuring you are safe even if your VPN fails.

Good speeds are a must, so choose a reputable provider known for its great speeds on close and distant servers.

It does not hurt to have a VPN always there for you. Nowadays, the most reliable ones have 24/7 live-chat customer support. And a money-back guarantee, just in case the service is unsatisfactory.

Considering all these criteria, we have picked three VPNs: 

#1 ExpressVPN – Thousands of servers in 94 countries, excellent safety features, and 5 simultaneous connections. Downside: it is a bit pricey.

#2 NordVPN – 5,200+ servers in 59 countries, superior additional safety features, and 6 simultaneous connections. Downside: just a bit slower than our #1.

#3 Surfshark – A cheaper yet reliable alternative with over 3,200 servers and unlimited simultaneous connections. Downside: not as fast as #1 and #2, fewer additional safety features.

In Conclusion

The Internet is a great source of online entertainment, but knowing where to find it can take time and effort. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 8 great sources for streaming popular Hindi movies (and other content). Do not forget to purchase a trusty VPN. You will need it to access websites with geo-blocks and ensure that everything you do online is private and safe.

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