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Torrenting goes hand-in-hand with a reliable VPN service, so today, we will look at TorrentSafe – one of the top cloud torrent clients. 

Cloud torrenting is becoming increasingly popular as users wish to avoid downloading files onto their devices and use their preferred cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, or others instead. 

TorrentSafe is continuously on the list of top cloud torrent clients, so let us look at what makes this provider good, its drawbacks, and how it compares to similar services.

Torrent Safe Website

About TorrentSafe

TorrentSafe is a torrenting service that allows you to download and stream different content anonymously. But you should not mistake TorrentSafe for a VPN – although some of the things that the two do seemingly overlap, TorrentsSafe and other cloud torrents do not provide the type of protection that a VPN does. Nor were they designed to. 

Advantages of TorrentSafe

Below, you will find why TorrentSafe might be a good option.

Easy to Set Up and Use

One of the greatest advantages of TorrentSafe is its simplicity. You do not need to download and install any software. Instead, copy a torrent or magnet URL of the file you want to download, paste it into TorrentSafe’s download bar, and click Download now! 

Torrenting with TorrentSafe does not require any registration. All you need to do is provide an e-mail address to which you will be sent your License Key.

Three Affordable Payment Plans and a Free Version

The three payment plans are monthly, annual, and biannual, and they cost $4.95/month, $2.99/month, and $1.99/month, respectively. Paid versions offer unlimited maximum file size and a seven-day file lifetime. The free version has a limited file size of 1GB and a two-day file lifetime.

Bypassing Your ISP’s Torrenting Rate Limits

TorrentSafe provides good downloading speed, though it can vary. It has reliable servers and high bandwidth and can even take care of torrenting speed limits imposed by some ISPs. 

Disadvantages of TorrentSafe

TorrentSafe has a few disadvantages you should consider if you want to use it. 

Limited Storage Options

The size of the stored files is unlimited for premium users, which is great. However, TorrentSafe saves your file for only seven days or two if you use their free service. Another thing that might be an issue, especially with users who are a bit more advanced, is that there are not many storage settings. For example, you can download and delete your files, but you cannot rename them, create other files, or partially download them.

Overly Simplified Website

There is really a minimum amount of information on TorrentSafe’s website, and it pertains mainly to the company’s services and payment options. In its defense, the site does offer a variety of languages to choose from and an extensive Q&A section.

TorrentSafe vs. Other Cloud Torrent Services

At first glance, TorrentSafe does not seem to differ much from other similar service providers. Most offer the same features, such as anonymity, software-free use, speed and accessibility, and a free service version. And all claim to be the top cloud torrent client. 

Research shows that TorrentSafe is neither too near the top nor too low to hit the bottom. 

The first thing that strikes you when you check out the websites of other cloud torrent clients that are potentially higher-ranking than TorrentSafe (e.g., Offcloud, Bitport, and Zbigz) is site complexity and presentation. The competitors’ websites provide much more animation, information, and seemingly many more options. Interestingly, all three require registration, whereas TorrentSafe does not.

While TorrentSafe and Offcloud offer unlimited storage for paid accounts, Bitport has a Small, Standard, and Big package with 30, 100, and 250GB storage, respectively. TorrentSafe is cheaper than the other two, but it does not have a money-back guarantee, unlike Bitport (30-day money-back guarantee). Then again, neither does Offcloud.

Many cloud torrents do not scan for viruses, and TorrentSafe is one of them. Also, cloud torrent clients vary regarding what and how much information they collect about their users. For example, TorrentSafe’s privacy policy states that they use personally identifiable and non-identifiable information, while Bitport claims they contain only the latter. 

In Conclusion

TorrentSafe is a reliable cloud torrent that provides good speed and decent privacy from ISP but no protection against malware. It is very reasonably priced and offers a good free package. It does not outshine its competition in terms of website presentation, but it does not require you to log in to use the service, which is a great plus. 

Taking all this into account, it is safe to say that cloud torrenting offers a great service, but it could be made much safer. For maximum security and various options, make sure to couple TorrentSafe with a reliable VPN service provider.


Can I download the desired file onto my device using TorrentSafe?

Yes. All you need to do is click on the Download button in the complete file box. If you have enabled auto download, the file will start downloading automatically. If your file does not download, try disabling any adblocking software and try again.

Why does my file stop downloading?

Your torrent can get stuck if the file does not have enough seeds – seeds are the peers sharing the file with you, so always make sure to have as many as possible. For best results, choose files with more than ten seeds.

Why does the downloading speed keep changing?

Many things can affect downloading speed: the state of your device, overloaded websites, time of day, viruses, etc. You can try downloading your files at different times of the day or even install a download manager to help accelerate your downloads. If money is not an issue, consider getting a VPN. 


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