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70% discount
50+ countries
No logs policy
390+ servers
30-day money-back guarantee!

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Quick summary

RUSVPN can look like a small and underpowered VPN at first glance.

However, when you check under the hood of this modest service, you begin to see some promising features.

The VPN has well-distributed servers, can unblock all the best streaming services, have consistent speeds, keeps no logs of data, and above all, the prices are some of the best that you’ll find for a VPN of this quality.

In terms of cheaper VPN providers, RUSVPN arguably is a good choice to consider.

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RUSVPN – Speed tests

vpn benchmark speed test RusVPN
Our baseline while performing speed tests of RUSVPN.

RUSVPN currently has 390+ VPN-servers in 50+ different countries.

These speed tests were performed on 3 servers in 3 different countries.


Baseline: 92.29 Mbps download, 95.24 Mbps upload.

  • USA: 37.24 Mbps download, 36.77 Mbps upload.
  • Sweden: 44.53 Mbps download, 57.33 Mbps upload.
  • Germany: 68.30 Mbps download, 85.34 Mbps upload.

These tests were performed with

Speeds that will work flawlessly with everyday use and even HD-streaming.

Logging policy

As mentioned earlier, RUSVPN state that they categorically do not retain any logs or information regarding VPN usage.

This is due to the service not falling in the jurisdiction of any of the main surveillance alliances, meaning that they have absolutely no obligation to share your data with anyone.

That means no one will have access to your IP address, personal data, or online activity when you use this service, meaning you can rest assured that you are always protected.


Then moving onto the encryption that is provided by RUSVPN.

While most VPN providers will offer the top-of-the-line 256-AES software, this service provides secure 2048-Bit encryption.

This is a real step up in terms of security and protection when compared to some other services.

This is very apparent when you consider that to crack the 2048-bit encryption would take approximately 300 trillion years.

The service also has industry-standard protocols such as OpenVPN but also offers the flexibility of PTTP and L2TP protocols if you so choose.

RusVPN Website Screenshot Review

Transparency – Who are behind RUSVPN?

RUSVPN is a fairly transparent company with a great deal of information available right on their official website.

The company was founded in 2017 and operates in Dominica to the benefit of its customers as this area falls under no jurisdiction of surveillance alliances.

The company currently has a limited number of servers with approximately 400 at their disposal, however, these are distributed around the world very well, allowing access to over fifty unique countries.

The motto of this company is “a free internet for everyone” and they seem to be doing all the right things to make this a reality.

Does RUSVPN work with Netflix?

The answer is yes.

You can watch hours of content with its exceptionally smooth speeds.

Is RUSVPN compatible with torrenting?

RUSVPN can support torrenting through the P2P connection that it provides.

This allows you to download large files without any pesky hackers gaining access to your system or any authorities tracing your whereabouts.

It allows you to do this at very high speeds as well, which is somewhat of a priority when downloading larger files.

Customer support on RUSVPN

Customer service is a massive part of RUSVPN’s success.

The service has a 24/7 service that will aim to get in contact with you in under an hour but in truth, it’s more like in minutes.

This is all carried out through an email channel that is managed by very polite and knowledgeable operators.

They will always have a quick and easy solution to your problem and before you know it, you’ll be back to using the service.

Each response is tailored to your specific problem, so don’t expect any generic copy and paste replies.

Each operator will take the time to assess your situation carefully and will give you the care and attention that you deserve.

A+ service from the support crew at RUSVPN.

Price of RUSVPN

Then lastly, we have the price point for the service. If you wish to try this service out for free, you can access a seven-day free trial for their mobile apps.

They also offer a free Google Chrome extension which has 5 servers without any speed limits and monthly traffic limit.

If you don’t feel satisfied at any point during this period, then you simply opt-out of the service and there are no hard feelings.

However, if you like the premium service and want to commit to a longer deal, you’ll be met with a series of prices that are more than reasonable.

For a low commitment deal of just one month, you’ll be charged a very reasonable fee of just $9.99, making this a cheaper one-month option than most VPN providers out there.

Then if you decide to commit to a one-year deal the savings really start to show.

You’ll pay $4.99 a month for this deal and then finally, if you opt for a three-year deal, you’ll save big.

This deal only costs you a tiny sum of $2.99 a month. In short, no matter what package you go for, you’ll be getting a deal that is amazing value for money.

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