Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

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WHY I LIKE PRIVATEVPN: PrivateVPN is the strong underdog in the world of VPNs. With a shy number of servers, it is evident that they are focusing on quality over quantity. Overall, PrivateVPN is a very decent choice of VPN, especially if you had enough of the excessive advertising by some of the other more known brands in this list. Setting up the VPN requires extremely little intervention, and you can even pay with Bitcoin.

With thousands of VPN services, it often becomes difficult to distinguish between the best and worst providers. Also, you may be looking for a provider with servers in different parts of the world, so that you can connect from anywhere-whether you’re at home or on the go! Or perhaps speed is your priority.

Some people need high security, some are concerned about privacy, and others want a VPN as an extra layer of protection against viruses and malware. However, if you are looking for an all-rounder VPN service with the topmost speed, variety of servers, and privacy then PrivateVPN is a go-to option. Let’s explore it together.

Quick Overview

Many VPN providers offer a few important services, but they often lack in providing a complete range of features and uninterrupted connection. PrivateVPN is currently one of the most versatile services that are well-optimized for performance, speed, and privacy. The provider also offers other unique features, such as port forwarding, that are often not seen in other services.

Above all, they have their prices balanced as compared to their competitors without compromising on their services. Many users leave excellent feedback, due to nearly 99.9% uptime to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, gaming, or browsing.

Key Features

  • 2048-bit Encryption
  • Port Forwarding
  • No Data Logs
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 200+ Quality Servers
  • 63+ Country Locations

Zero Data Logging – Ensured Privacy

PrivateVPN does not store any data about our users, their original IP address, and no logs are kept of user activity while connected to any server. All this means that PrivateVPN can never come under any pressure to disclose their customers’ information, and they don’t have to comply with requests from the authorities to hand over information about our users.

Unlimited Bandwidth – No Throttling

A VPN will usually come with a predetermined bandwidth that is allotted each day. With Unlimited VPN Bandwidth, this is never an issue! They do not limit their clients’ bandwidth and they offer the fastest speeds available at the moment.

Many VPN companies claim to offer unlimited bandwidth but actually throttle your internet speed once you’ve reached your cap. However, PrivateVPN ensues true unlimited bandwidth by connecting you to the closest server possible. This allows for lightning-fast speeds without any throttling or buffering. This gives users the flexibility to stream, download, and share as much as they want!

Various Locations – More Connection Options

As if unlimited bandwidth wasn’t enough, PrivateVPN has servers all over the world so you can unblock geo-restricted websites from anywhere! They have servers in countries all over the world so you can travel anywhere and still get your favorite shows. Connect to American Netflix, watch the latest European sports games or catch up with your friends on Facebook-all of this is possible when you unblock websites with PrivateVPN!

Strong Encryption – Secured Connection

PrivateVPN offers an Automatic Wi-Fi Security feature that secures your digital identity by encrypting your internet connection. This prevents hackers and cybercriminals from stealing your private information through public/open Wi-Fi spots. It’s like having a personal guardian angel protecting you and your personal data everywhere you go.

As far as VPN encryption goes, 2048-bit is the industry standard that most companies use to keep your information secure. However, PrivateVPN uses the best industry-standard protocol, 256-bit encryption with an Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This means that your digital data is encrypted faster, so you can surf the web safely and securely with this VPN!

Port Forwarding – Useful for Torrenting

PrivateVPN has introduced a new VPN port forwarding service that enables you to forward your encrypted online data through the tunnel to an external server.

Now with this new service, you can feel confident that your online data is being handled with care and will not be interfered with by any third party. So, with this easy-to-setup service, PrivateVPN is able to offer its users a high level of privacy protection.


PrivateVPN offers three basic plans. The monthly plan costs you $8.99 which is comparatively low as compared to other VPN services in this same league. There is also a 4-month plan that costs you around $17.99 in total, so you save 65% on the original price.

They also have a mega offer for 36-months where the price is reduced to just $2.00 per month with a whopping 85% discount. Above all, their plans come with a money-back guarantee so you do not have to worry about anything.