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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

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PayPal & cryptocurrency accepted
10 devices simultaneously
Zero logs policy
1000+ servers
30-day money-back guarantee!

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Overall, Ivacy VPN provides a comprehensive service that is great for several reasons.

The highlights of this service are the incredibly low price that makes this service one of the most affordable paid VPN services on the market.

Then in addition to this, the service allows Windows users to use split tunneling software that allows you to access both private and public networks simultaneously without causing any detriment to your VPN connection, offering a truly versatile service.

This service also keeps no logs, has strong encryption, has great speeds, and can also be used for streaming and torrenting.

It’s the full package at a great price and one that you should really consider for your next VPN purchase.

Ivacy VPN – Performance tests

vpn benchmark speed test Ivacy vpn
Our baseline while performing speed tests of Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN currently has 1000+ VPN servers in 100+ different locations.

These speed tests were performed on 4 servers in 4 different countries.


Baseline: 92.29 Mbps download, 95.24 Mbps upload.

  • USA: 53.53 Mbps Download 79.05 Mbps upload.
  • Sweden: 44.42 Mbps Download 67.58 Mbps upload.
  • Germany: 62.46 Mbps Download 76.64 Mbps upload.
  • South Korea: 21.89 Mbps Download 25.14 Mbps upload.

These tests were performed with https://speedtest.net/.

Above-average speeds are suitable for both torrenting, 4K streaming, and regular internet use.

Logging-policies and encryption

Ivacy VPN is a real juggernaut when it comes to encryption.

If you use this service, you’ll have an industry-leading 256-AES bit encryption software protecting you at all times when connected and, if things go wrong and you lose connection, you’ll have a trusty kill switch on hand to make sure you don’t unwittingly connect to a public server.

Alongside this, Ivacy VPN has a series of top-of-the-range protocols that customers can make use of, including the industry favorite OpenVPN and other options such as L2TP, PTTP, IKEv2, TCP, and UDP, meaning that this service is completely flexible depending on the user’s needs and aims to keep you safe and secure at all times.

With regards to logging, those who value their privacy will be pleased to know that this service offers a ‘no logging policy‘ which promises that Ivacy VPN doesn’t keep track of the user’s IP address, traffic, web history, connection logs, personal information or DNS queries made.

This translates to a service that completely respects your privacy and will do everything it can within its power to protect it.

The only info that the service will retain is your name, email address, and payment details so that they can inform you of any changes or promotions on the service and take your monthly payments.

Ivacy vpn website screenshot review

Transparency check – Who is behind Ivacy?

Ivacy VPN is a company that is based in Singapore that will come as good news to those who enjoy their privacy as this location doesn’t fall into any of the surveillance authorities’ jurisdictions.

The company has over 1000 servers in over one hundred unique locations around the world, making it ideal to get a solid location no matter where you are.

Plus, this service is one of the most well-received and reviewed VPNs on the market with 4.4 out of 5 stars on both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

In short, this is a company that is upfront about its business and one that you can trust.

Can Ivacy VPN unblock streaming services?

While many different VPNs blindly promise users that they can unblock streaming services in any country of your choosing, Ivacy VPN ensures that this promise is genuine through optimizing their service and providing unique software that will break through to any country on any service of your choosing guaranteed.

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to access all the big hitters like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and many more.

Not to mention that thanks to the 100+ unique locations to choose from there is a near-infinite amount of content to get through.

So, to summarise, Ivacy VPN is a really good VPN for unblocking Netflix.

Does Ivacy VPN work for Torrenting?

Ivacy VPN has incredible upload and downloads speeds even when torrenting, making it ideal for the task.

Then when you couple this with the brilliant encryption software and a built-in kill switch, you’ll be able to do this activity fast and with the added security that strong encryption provides.

The service also offers split tunneling which means that if you want to access normal public connections while you torrent, you can do that without issue.

This will have a small effect on the overall download and upload speeds but considering the multi-tasking functionality this feature offers, it’s a fair trade-off.

DNS-leak test

Zero DNS leaks detected with Ivacy VPN.

DNS leaks were a bigger issue a few years ago when VPN tech was new. Today you will very rarely experience DNS leaks with popular VPNs.

Please note: I recommend you test for DNS-leaks yourself when using a VPN on your own machine, even if my tests didn’t detect anything.

You can do so easily and for free on this site: https://www.dnsleaktest.com/

Customer service

Customer support for Ivacy VPN is another strong point for the service.

You’ll have access to an email service that will typically give you an informed and helpful response within one hour.

However, the main reason why this VPN’s customer service is amongst the best in the business is due to the live chat service found on their official website.

Polite and friendly agents will be on hand to assist you 24/7 and will usually reply to your query within minutes or sometimes seconds.

It’s one of the most rapid responses we have seen from a VPN customer service team and they are deeply knowledgeable about the service into the bargain.

Overall, the customer service for Ivacy VPN is great and offers real peace of mind when using their products.


Then lastly, we have the price of Ivacy VPNs in various packages.

While you might think that a premium and comprehensive service such as this one might be expensive, it’s, in fact, one of the most competitive sets of prices you are likely to find.

For a month-to-month deal, you will pay a price of $9.95 which is pretty standard but it gives you the flexibility to try out the paid service and make sure it’s for you without locking yourself into a long-term deal.

Then if you feel that you’re ready to commit to the service, you can make avail of the annual deal which will cost just $3.50 a month which is a very low price considering all the neat features on offer.

If that wasn’t low enough, if you go for the super long-term five-year plan, you can get a price of just $1.16 a month.

This is such a throwaway amount of cash but for this low price, you’ll get one of the most competent VPN services on the market, so you’d be a fool to pass up on the opportunity.

The variety of packages offers flexibility that many other services cannot provide and prices that are jaw-droppingly low.

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