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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

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  • Fastest free VPN
  • Servers: 3200+
  • Countries: 80+

WHY I LIKE HOTSPOT SHIELD: Protect your personal information from hackers, snoopers, and ISPs with the fastest free VPN of 2021. That is right, the crown for fastest free VPN has already been claimed by Hotspot Shield, supported by multiple speed tests around the web, including my own. While their premium VPN service is one of the more expensive ones, the free version is good enough for people who just cannot pay for a VPN service, but still value their online privacy.

Many people do not think about their online security and privacy until something bad happens. For example, they might find out that someone has used their credit card or stolen all the data from their computer’s hard drive. They may even find out that their email account is being hacked every day by spammers and hackers. It seems like there is no way to stop it!

But in fact, there are many ways to make sure you stay safe when using the internet and your devices. Today we will be talking about Hotspot Shield VPN which promises to give you access to sites not available in your region due to internet censorship or geo-restrictions, protect your data, identity, and location from hackers, ISP’s and malicious governments as well as keep you safe from identity theft and other cyber threats.

Quick Overview

Hotspot Shield VPN Review is a product by Anchor Free, which has been in the software development business for more than 15 years. This company offers many products including Web of Trust Safeguard, their anti-spyware program; Start Hotspot Shield, a proxy service that protects your privacy and identity online; and Hotspot Shield Elite which is the paid version of their VPN service.

The app’s server network consists of thousands of servers spread across 115 locations in 80+ countries. This makes it possible to unblock most websites and services online, no matter where you are in the world.

Key features

  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Fast Streaming
  • 115+ Virtual Locations
  • Connect up to 5 Devices
  • Zero Logging
  • Ensured Safety

Protect Privacy

Privacy protection is the highlighted feature of Hotspot Shield. They provide strong encryption on every server to protect the identity of their users. To protect your privacy and security with Hotspot Shield VPN:

  • Connect yourself to a trusted server whenever you need to access sensitive information on the internet
  • Don’t access websites or services that could harm your security and privacy without masking your identity first
  • Only download files from file storage websites if you are 100% sure they are safe, to avoid malware infections.
  • Always connect through the VPN’s encrypted channel to prevent your ISP or anyone else from seeing your online activity.
  • Disable any ad blocker on the sites you visit, because some ad-blockers collect data on the web pages you visit to show you targeted ads. Use an anonymous browser instead.

Military-grade Protection

Hotspot Shield VPN is not just a regular VPN service. It offers military-grade protection for your data, identity, and location. This makes it the perfect solution for users who need to stay safe and anonymous online, whether they’re working, travelling, or streaming content.

The app’s military-grade protection features include the ability to keep your data, identity, and location safe from hackers, ISPs, and governments

Fast Streaming

It’s also important to mention that one of the key features of this VPN is its ability to stream content. This makes it perfect for users who are constantly streaming their favorite shows or movies online. I’m not sure if this is due to the quality or bandwidth, but Hotspot Shield offers pretty fast speeds for streaming media.

User-friendly Interface

The app also has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use for anyone, regardless of their experience with VPNs. Despite its great features, the VPN is very affordable. It’s available on all platforms and can be installed in minutes


Hotspot Shield offers great performance when it comes to speed. You do not have to worry about experiencing any buffering or loading time when browsing with this VPN. The download speed is excellent at 18 Mbps. The upload speed isn’t as good, but still fast at 11 Mbps.

The app performs well in other aspects such as DNS leak test and IPv6 support. The VPN is also compatible with all the major operating systems. It works on Windows, Apple OS X, and Android without any noticeable issues.


Hotspot Shield offers a variety of pricing plans, but the most popular one is the Premium plan. The Premium plan offers users unlimited data, access to all of its servers, and malware protection. The plan also includes a free antivirus, password manager, and spam-call blocker. They also have a free plan with certain limitations, which is pretty good for normal browsing.

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