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Looking for information on hidemy.name? My name is Per-Erik-Eriksson and I am the editor-in-chief and main author of Vpnetic. With significant experience in cybersecurity, one of my passions is to share my experience with the latest tools. In this post, I will be reviewing hidemy.name, a VPN service that not many people may know about. It offers geo-unblocking service and complete anonymity.


What Is hidemy.name?

hidemy.name is a VPN provider that has plenty of things going for it. With simple native apps and powerful content-unblocking capabilities, it is operated by a company that has its headquarters in Belize. As it is based in Belize, it is a great VPN as the country does not have a prying government. There is a lot that the service has to provide. 

Pricing and Features

For those of you interested in using hidemy.name, you can choose from six pricing options. There is a 1-month plan which costs $8 a month, a 6-month plan for $4 a month, a 12-month plan for $3 a month, a 2-year plan for $2.5 a month, a 3-year plan for $2.4 a month, and a 5-year plan for $2 a month. You will find its pricing to be the most affordable in the market. As for payments, the VPN provider accepts debit and credit cards, web money, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. When you create an account, you get to use up to 5 simultaneous VPN connections. 

Now, it is worth mentioning that users have the option to sign up for its 24-hour trial for free. All you need to do to get started is enter your email address and you will receive an activation period that will offer complete access to the VPN. Only when you are sure that it is the right fit for you should you subscribe to any of its pricing plans. 


hidemy.name truly shines when it comes to streaming. It provides users with access to some of the most popular geographically restricted streaming sites out there such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. You only have to connect to a server that is located in a country where the service has not been blocked. 


To protect privacy, hidemy.name uses the standard list of connection protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, UDP, and TCP. It even uses various types of encryption including AES-128-CBC, BF-CBC, and AED-256-CBC. In addition to this, hidemy.name relies on additional encryption which bypasses active VPN blocking in some of the most restrictive regions in the world. 

There is also a kill switch for turning off apps. It shuts down the entire internet connection if your VPN gets interrupted. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that all your sensitive information would be protected and never get into the wrong hands. According to the privacy policy of hidemy.name, it processes connection data on a non-persistent basis which is only maintained for troubleshooting purposes. After each connection ends, it would process your traffic volume. The company also claims that it does not record any data. 


After using hidemy.name, I have to mention that its apps are very simple. However, there were certainly some surprises that I had no idea about. Firstly, there is an option to decide which type of encryption you are interested in using. It is even possible to use the chameleon feature which is suitable for filtering traffic in restrictive regions like Russia and China. This means that you would be able to access just about everything no matter where you might be located. The app does allow a proxy, choosing a favorite server, preventing DNS leaks, OpenVPN routing, and more.

If you want to switch the server, you would have to disconnect from the existing server. This can slow things down for you. For the best performance, you will need to connect to Romania. However, the server in the UK also provides equally stable performance. As for the US, the speeds were on par or slightly slower than Europe. 

Pros of hidemy.name

  • User-friendly 
  • Amazing speed 
  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer and Netflix
  • Affordable VPN service with a multitude of pricing plans 
  • Has a free trial which you can use to evaluate the performance

Cons of hidemy.name

  • Not as many extra
  • The server network is quite small 

How Does It Compare To Other VPN Services? 

Overall, hidemy.name is a VPN that gets the job done. It has excellent privacy and security measures in place. Although its app is easy to use, the unblocking abilities are not the best. Also, I found the server network to be somewhat small. But, it offers an affordable service. If you are looking for a better experience and are willing to spend more, you can use NordVPN or ExpressVPN which offers better speed, have more servers, and provide more features. 


Can hidemy.name Unblock Netflix?

A great thing about hidemy.name is that it manages to unblock Netflix and provides good speed. You should be able to access Netflix using its European, US, or Australian servers. But, the VPN struggles to unblock other streaming platforms. 

Will hidemy.name Slow Down The Internet Speed?

Yes, it is obvious for hidemy.name or any other VPN to slow down the internet browsing speed. However, it does offer a slow speed when compared to the leading VPN providers. Hence, you might need to restrict your online activity. 

Is hidemy.name Safe?

With an extensive privacy policy and plenty of protection protocols, hidemy.name is safe. It uses 256-bit encryption to keep all of your data safe. This is why you will have nothing to worry about and should be able to use the internet without having to stress out about hackers. 

Will You Get Dedicated IP Addresses When You Use hidemy.name?

Yes, you can buy a dedicated IP address for an extra. Keep in mind that such a purchase would not be covered by any money-back guarantee. Therefore, you should think things through before making a purchase. But, it should not cost a lot of money. 


Per-Erik Eriksson
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