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In this internet era and overwhelming updates in technology, it has become a piece of cake to track online data, access sensitive information, and invade anyone’s privacy. 

If you are concerned about your online privacy and internet data that travel across the world to reach its final destination, you must prioritize using a robust VPN. 

You cannot find out how often your data gets exposed to hideous cybercriminals, greedy advertisers, and internet scammers. They take chunks of their use and leave the rest. However, close your eyes and think for a while; about how it will feel like to see your personal data selling on the dark web. Of course, It gives you goosebumps to imagine such a nightmare! 

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is dedicated to spoofing your IP address. VPNs are capable of encrypting your data with robust security shields while routing your data from unsafe internet connections. Surrounded by strong security layers, your ISPs, government agencies, and cybercriminals cannot access your information. 

I am a person who believes in robust security measures to secure my data rather than regret it later when it's gone. I have used many VPNs over the years, but only a few have proven their worth.

However, I have been using FastestVPN, and I am completely satisfied with it.

Hence, in my review, I will introduce its functions and compatibility and what features make this VPN different from others. Hopefully, this review will make it simpler for you to choose FastestVPN for yourself since your internet privacy matters!

Without further delay, let's get started with the robust security and privacy features that make FastestVPN stand out in the VPN market! 

Privacy and Security 

From your search history, and downloaded files to geo-location, nothing is secure on the internet without a robust VPN. The Internet is occupied with dangerous hackers and cyber spies who have prowling eyes to attack your data. 

FastestVPN comes with robust privacy and security features that promise to protect your privacy. While using my Windows, I connected FastestVPN to a Firefox browser. Meanwhile, I connected it to my iPhone to send some official emails. It turned out to be a great experience to have user privacy that I have long yearned to have to protect my data from dangerous cyber criminals. 

Over and above that, I tested FastestVPN while using public WiFi, and it turned out to be the greatest security shield I have with me now. The cherry on top is its military-grade AES-256-bit encryption works solidly to protect your data. 

Locations & VPN servers

A demanding feature that a user always wants to have in a VPN is multiple locations and the capability to unblock geo-restricted content. Previously, I was deprived of watching many of my favorite media apps because of content restrictions. Having FastestVPN provides me with binging USA Netflix and Disney+ without missing out on my desired shows and perfect anime anymore.

Since FastestVPN operates a global network of 600+ VPN servers within 50+ locations, it facilitates me by connecting to every VPN server of my choice, with complete connectivity and a smooth streaming experience. 


If malicious software enters your operating system, it can devastate it permanently and all of your precious data. Before I started using FastestVPN, I used to worry about it for whole nights and met with horrible nightmares! Being a tech-savvy person, I know how dangerous this software is designed by hideous cybercriminals that a non-tech person cannot detect. But using FastestVPN ended all of these worries since it has this built-in feature of anti-malware that detects any suspicious traffic that tries to enter your system; it blocks its access automatically. 

DNS Leak Protection

Your browsing history, IP address, geolocation, and every digital moment is vulnerable to being on the internet since your ISPs can track it. A DNS leak protection is a robust security protocol in FastestVPN that prevents all of your internet movements from getting leaked to your ISPs. It is on by default and prevents your internet activity from leaking if the VPN connection is interrupted.

Internet Kill Switch 

In the sudden moment of losing your VPN connectivity to the internet, it terminates your internet activities until your connection gets retrieved. With FastestVPN's essential security feature, I can breathe peacefully without having a panic attack to worrying about my online data. 

Get rid of ISP Throttling 

Formerly, I used to face many irritating internet speed issues. ISPs are so active in performing their duties without thinking they used to strangle my internet speed while I was binging a favorite episode of that new enticing season on Netflix. It started frustrating me badly; then, I decided to find a solution. 

Getting a FastestVPN subscription, I started analyzing the before and after internet speeds that I experienced. It does look like they never track down what material you are watching or downloading on the internet if you are connected by a robust VPN like FastestVPN. 

Compatible with Numerous Devices 

Along with its multiple military-grade security protocols that have provided me with a safe and secure internet platform, FastestVPN is compatible and runs smoothly with various devices. 

I thought to test this feature with multiple devices. I am glad that I did. Since then, I have been using FastestVPN connected to six of my devices. It runs compatibly on Windows, iOS, iMac, Android, Linux, Kodi, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. It was a nice experience that allowed me to connect multiple devices with a VPN. 

Reasonable Pricing & Premium Packages 

Having all of these premium features, FastestVPN comes with reasonable pricing packages for a VPN user! You can check below what I am talking about. Who wants to miss out on such amazing deals! 

Here are three premium packages to subscribe to: 

  • $10 per month (1-Month Plan)
  • $29.95 annually (1-Year plan)
  • $39.95 triennially (3-Year Plan)

Different Payment Modes 

I met many VPN users who complained about the payment modes of a VPN that come with online bank payments, which they are not comfortable opting for. Well, in FastestVPN’s case, there are more payment modes than you desire. 

FastestVPN offers three modes of payment, which includes:

  • Payment with debit/credit/master/union pay cards
  • Payment with PayPal
  • Payment with Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/Litecoin 

If you are a person who is not comfortable with sharing your transaction details and bank account information, then the third payment mode is perfect for you. 

However, I have purchased a one-year plan, and I am satisfied with all the smooth streaming and servers that unblock my favorite media sites without a hassle! 

FastestVPN Website Screenshot

Final Verdict 

FastestVPN comes with everything a VPN user desires to have. With its robust privacy features to military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, it helps to secure your data and browsing history. It is a complete package to protect your internet freedom and privacy with all the premium VPN protocols. 

Besides that, FastestVPN has a built-in ad-blocker that gets rid of all of the unwanted ads in the middle of binge-streaming. 

Over and above that, you can cherish FastestVPN’s blazing internet speed while using it with ten devices simultaneously. 

Furthermore, by subscribing to FastestVPN, you can have 2TB of internet private cloud storage and a password manager for free. Having numerous reasons to choose FastestVPN, I recommend it for its security protocols and best pricing range!


Per-Erik Eriksson
Editor in Chief

Per-Erik is a cybersecurity expert and author/researcher on Vpnetic.

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