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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

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Dedicated streaming servers
8 simultaneous connections
OpenVPN as well as IKEv2
100% No Logs
10-day money-back guarantee!

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Celo VPN is a great choice for anyone on the hunt for a new secure and safe provider.

You will be able to unblock apps such as Netflix or Hulu in various countries at superior speeds, you’ll be able to torrent with this VPN, this company provides industry-standard encryption and protocols and above all, you’ll get a great price that is very reasonable considering the various features on offer including multiple device usage for example.

So, if you’re in need of a new VPN, you would be a fool to not take this great provider into consideration.

Celo VPN – Performance tests

vpn benchmark speed test celo vpn
Our baseline while performing speed tests of Celo VPN.

Celo VPN currently have VPN-servers in 12 different countries.

These speed tests were performed on 3 different servers.


Baseline: 92.29 Mbps download, 95.24 Mbps upload.

  • USA: 67.61 Mbps download, 54.53 Mbps upload.
  • Sweden: 69.74 Mbps download, 74.77 Mbps upload.
  • Germany: 67.51 Mbps download, 74.60 Mbps upload.

These tests were performed with https://speedtest.net/.

Very impressive speeds for such a comparatively “small” VPN-service.

Logging-policies and encryption

As aforementioned, Celo VPN always uses military-grade 256-AES encryption software to keep you hidden from hackers.

You’ll be completely protected while connected to this service and even if you lose connection for any reason, the kill switch will ensure that you don’t unwittingly connect to a public server.

On top of this fine software, you also have access to industry-standard protocols such as OpenVPN as well as Wireguard and IKEv2 for added versatility.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was all you would get from the service in terms of security but unbelievably, there is more.

You’ll have access to a malware and adware blocker which are available within the security features section.

In short, this VPN is perfect for the security-conscious user.

This fact is further supported by the logging policy of Celo VPN.

The service suggests that it will not log any of your activities under any circumstances.

This is beneficial as falls into the jurisdiction of the five eyes surveillance alliance.

So, if they came to Celo VPN looking for answers, they would be obligated to cooperate.

However, if they don’t record your data, there is no data to share with the authorities.

So, rest assured that your privacy is the number one priority.

celo vpn website screenshot review

Transparency – Who are Celo VPN?

Celo VPN is a relatively transparent company with a good deal of personal content posted on its official website.

The word ‘Celo’ is Latin for ‘hide’ but ironically, the company is based in Australia.

They have grown a decent amount since they began trading and have acquired 18 servers scattered across 15 unique counties.

Their main selling point is that they are a small but friendly VPN and they have a client-centric approach that allows them to deliver a more personal and professional service than the more far-reaching services.

Can Celo VPN unblock Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services?

The great news about this service is that the security and protocols provided in abundance haven’t negated the services streaming capabilities.

You’ll be able to access all the main apps for streaming such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus in whatever country you choose, meaning you will have a wealth of content at your fingertips.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to do this with a smooth 4K resolution if your system can support this and with a consistent connection speed you can rely on.

Is Celo VPN Suitable for Torrenting?

Celo VPN is a great VPN for torrenting.

Thanks to all the very best security protocols and encryption being present as well as a strong P2P connection, you can count on this service allowing you to download large files at a reasonable speed.

Not only that but you’ll also be able to complete this activity without the worry of being caught by any of the authorities out to catch those downloading illegal content.

That’s not to say that we condone this but if you do at least you won’t get caught.

DNS-leak test

No DNS-leak detected with Celo VPN.

DNS leaks were a bigger issue a few years ago when VPN technology was fresh. Today you will very rarely experience DNS-leaks with the best VPNs.

Please note: I recommend you test for DNS-leaks yourself when using a VPN on your own machine, even if my tests didn’t detect anything.

You can do so easily and for free on this site: https://www.dnsleaktest.com/

Customer service

Celo VPN boasts a wonderful and surprisingly comprehensive customer service experience.

You can contact a group of operators through their email system.

Once received, a polite and personable agent will contact you and get to the bottom of your problem within minutes.

These agents are clearly very skilled at what they do and are able to deal with even the most complex of problems in no time, meaning you’ll be back to using the service as normal in no time at all.

There is also a series of FAQ pages to help with the more general issues you may encounter.

In addition, there is an announcement page that will let users know if there are any server, technical, or usability issues that are affecting all users.

All in all, there are few VPNs that can provide the quality service that Celo VPN can for its customers.


Then lastly, we have the price point for each of the paid packages.

This VPN may offer a lot of premium features and content but surprisingly, you’ll find that the VPN doesn’t charge a premium price.

For a monthly package, you will pay an unbelievably cheap price of $7 which is perhaps the cheapest single-month deal on the market.

Then for the quarterly and half-year deals, you will pay a fee of $6 and $5.83 a month, respectively.

Lastly, if you commit to a full year of this service you will pay a small price of $5.50 a month.

The thing you’ll immediately notice about these prices is that the savings are applied to all aspects of the service.

So, you don’t need to commit to a longer-term deal to take advantage of massive savings.

This makes this one a great option for both long term and short-term customers alike and no matter which package you choose, you’ll be receiving a great offer.

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