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Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson

With 100 servers in 28 countries around the world, BullVPN claims to provide unlimited speed and access to all types of content: movies, music, streaming material, bank transfers, social media, and others. Also, it claims to unblock content in countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates, which have access bans on a lot of entertainment services.

The majority of BullVPN’s servers are located in Thailand (27) and Singapore (10); there are six servers in the United States of America, five in Japan and South Korea, four in Hong Kong, and two in the Netherlands and Taiwan. Countries with one BullVPN server are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Although BullVPN markets itself as a safe tool for IP address obfuscation and encryption, it does not provide any information about the type of encryption it uses. The following tunneling protocols are mentioned: Open VPN, L2TP, IPsec, IKEv2, and Softether.

BullVPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

BullVPN Review

Advantages of BullVPN

Private VPN and Proxy

BullVPN offers the possibility of purchasing a private VPN and proxy, which provides complete privacy and better speeds. You can choose your preferred server location for a private VPN (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, or the United States) and enjoy the benefits of being whitelisted. A private server will cost you $20 a month, $120 for a period of six months, and $240 for the duration of the whole year. The price includes one IP address per package, but additional IP addresses are also available for purchase: two for $240, three for $720, etc. Private VPN servers are not suitable for downloading and torrenting.

Five Packages

There are four available plans with BullVPN: one month’s service for $5.59, three months’ service for $15.59 ($5.19/month), six months’ service for $29.69 ($4.94/month), and one year’s service for $51.59 ($4.29/month). All of the plans can be used on two devices simultaneously. Additional simultaneous connections can also be bought, but in that case, the price of the service increases steeply. For example, the cheapest plan of $51.59 ($4.29/month) increases to $103.18 in case you wish to purchase four simultaneous connections and to $515.9 if you wish to have twenty.

A seven days package is also available (for the price of $2.10) and does not support multiple simultaneous connections.

Various payment options

BullVPN allows various payment methods: credit card or debit card, mobile banking (QR code), PayPal, True Wallet, True Money, and transfer to a bank account.


Disadvantages of BullVPN

Not a widely known VPN

BullVPN is not a widely known VPN. It is not a global provider but mainly caters to the needs of Asian countries. Due to this, very little independent reporting about the service is available. Although the company says it is planning to invest in the expansion of its server network, it remains to be seen whether it has the potential to attract global attention.


What kind of customer service does BullVPN have?

You can contact the BullVPN team via several communication channels: their Facebook page, Line, Wechat, telephone number, or e-mail address, all of which are listed on their website.

What is BullVPN’s Upgraded Account?

BullVPN’s Upgraded Account is a plan which allows users to choose an additional number of simultaneous connections on one subscription (the standard number of connections is two).

How can I use BullVPN’s Private VPN and Proxy service?

To purchase BullVPN’s Private VPN and Proxy service you first need to register a BullVPN account, download and install BullVPN and order the Private VPN and Proxy service. Your request will take one or two days to process.


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