Written by: Per-Erik Eriksson
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  • Up to 5 devices
  • Servers: 600+
  • Countries: 60+


There are countless premium VPN companies offering top-notch services, but not all of them can deliver. BlufVPN is definitely one of the services that overpromise and underdeliver. 

VPNs are now becoming more feature-focused, and every provider has to put something special on the table in order to impress their users. Let’s review BlufVPN and see what it has to offer.

Key Features

There are currently 600+ server locations in over 60 countries. These servers are well-maintained, and they perform alright. 


Military-Grade Encryption – Extremely Secure

BlufVPN’s AES-256 encryption is the most secure and trusted cipher and is used by governments, big banks, payment gateways, and network infrastructure providers around the world.  AES-256 changes its key every hour, making it impossible to crack.

It was built in order to provide military-grade security for the data sent over the internet. It provides a customized cipher for every client connection. The encryption is virtually unbreakable with any existing or foreseeable technology today.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Zero Throttling

BlufVPN also delivers unlimited bandwidth without throttling your connection speed or having data caps, which is great for people who are looking to download lots of content with their VPN connection.

Server Locations - Bluf

No Log Policy – Anonymity Guaranteed

Unlike other VPN providers on the market today, they don’t keep logs of your browsing data or monitor your activity in any way. Your privacy is protected at all times with this service.

It’s important to keep in mind that while some VPNs offer a ‘no log’ policy, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t store logs at all. For example, on some occasions, their terms of service explicitly state that they retain browsing data. However, BlufVPN does not log any type of data from its users.

Sometimes the VPN logs only include the time and date of your connection start or other activity such as bandwidth usage or spam/malware detection. Such data does not hurt any user’s privacy.

Performance – 4.4/10

BlufVPN Performance is not always on point. They offer unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds, but seemingly fail to deliver on those exact points. All their servers are perfectly configured to provide customers with the best possible service.

The VPN client provides live-chat customer support which is available 24/7. They’re available via email, and the response time for email inquiries is extremely short. You can also expect a faster if you contact them through their chat interface.


BlufVPN Pricing

Overall, BlufVPN is an easy-to-use service, but its servers are constantly underperforming. If you are looking for a new VPN service, there are definitely better options on the market.

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